Brychan Gilbert

Head of Primary

I am a dedicated international school leader and manager, with experience as Head of PYP and Head of School across Europe, Asia and Africa. I am passionate about building strong community links involving parents and cultures of high trust in schools. I am very excited to begin at Copperfield this Autumn!

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Brychan's story

Dr Brychan Gilbert will be joining Copperfield in August as our new Head of Primary and has over 20 years teaching, including PYP.

Brychan has Bachelors degree from University of Bristol, a PGCE from the University of Wales, a MBA (Education) from Keele University and PhD in Education from the University College London. Alongside his impressive academics, Brychan also speaks fluent Italian and English.

Brychan: “I like communicating and modelling enthusiasm for the subjects that I find interesting. I believe that this approach helps students develop their own uniqueness.”