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Christian Orlic

Head of Education

Christian has over ten years of teaching experience. Most recently, he was at Leysin American School as a Visiting Scholar, where he initiated a collaboration to create interactive and engaging laboratory activities related to evolution and genetics. Christian worked at the American School of Barcelona.

Christian loves learning. He has two degrees in education. In 2021 he completed a Masters degree in Education & Globalisation at Moreland University, with a focus on the factors that help students assimilate to a new school. In 2014, He graduated from Teachers College at Columbia University with a Masters degree in the Teaching of Social Studies. Christian attended Michigan State University and graduated with four Bachelor's degrees: History; Zoology; the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science; Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy.

Christian enjoys working with students on student-led projects. He loves soccer (Visca el Barça), food, reading, and travelling.


Christian speaks English, Spanish and is proficient in French and Portuguese. 

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