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Grant Ferguson


Education is a real passion for me, and it has taken me to many different places and schools over the 22 years of my career so far. My academic journey began with a degree in Biological Sciences from Exeter University, followed by a PGCE from Lancaster University, both in the UK. As my teaching career developed, this led to a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Buckingham. This was a turning point in my career - not just an academic pursuit, but a journey that deeply influenced my approach to education and leadership.


Teaching Biology in some of the North of England's most reputable independent schools allowed me not only to share knowledge but also to learn immensely from the diverse experiences and perspectives of my students. As Head of Science and Head of Sixth Form at more than one school, I've always tried to contribute positively to both the academic and personal growth of students.


An international perspective was added to my experience when I moved to Dubai as Head of Science at a top-performing IB school. This opportunity broadened my understanding of different educational systems and opened my eyes to the importance of a global outlook in education.


My personal interests include sports, from playing semi-professional National League Rugby in the past to a current passion for triathlons. I’m an avid reader, especially of autobiographies, as it’s through the stories of others that I often find reflections of and learnings for my own life.

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