Eric Martineau-Fortin

Non-Executive Director

I was born in Canada, met my wife in France, and we have been raising our two American-born daughters across Guernsey, New York and Paris. After attending HEC in Canada and ESSEC in France, I pursued a career as an investment banker, entrepreneur and investor. I am driven to partner with founders through the high and low tides of the entrepreneurial voyage is at the core of our mission. I am proud to work with people from the early days of their journey all the way to the exit.

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Eric's story

Eric Martineau-Fortin is the Founder and Managing Partner of White Star Capital, a global multi-stage technology investment platform. Eric was born in Canada, a dual National of the UK, met his wife in France, and has been raising their two American-born daughters across Guernsey, New York, Paris and, now Verbier. He completed his undergraduate at HEC in Canada and graduated from ESSEC in France.


Prior to founding White Star, Eric co-founded a transatlantic mergers and acquisitions advisory firm in the media and technology space in New York and Paris now part of the Mediobanca Group. Prior to this, he was a TMT investment banker with BOA Merrill Lynch in New York and London as well as with ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, London and Paris. He is also a YPO Charter member in Quebec, France, the UK and ASEAN regions.


Eric is a masterful international investor and a deeply committed father who demonstrates what excellence means each day - we are grateful to have him with us on this journey.