An inspiring education at 1500m


We offer the global gold-standard in curricula.

Our teachers have graduated from and taught at the world's best universities and music schools.

Co-curricular programme with opportunities to nurture creative passions and sporting talents.


 The world's only ski-in, ski-out international school, Copperfield sits at the foot of the mountain slopes. It is an inspiring setting of snowy vistas and towering fir trees.

World-class skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

Compact and safe while offering unparalleled access to Europe, Verbier is ideal for raising an international family.

Explore Verbier

Expand your horizons and your mind

An education at Copperfield is a ticket to a wider world, a broader mind, and a happier life. 

Our team

Graduates of the world's best universities

Creative experts in their fields

Caring, compassionate and kind


A world-class musical programme

All students at Copperfield have the chance to learn an instrument, and we regularly hold concerts in our 250-seat auditorium.

How do we teach?

Groups are small and the teaching is individually tailored: we have three students per teacher.

Our teaching is values-driven, encouraging students to view community as part of their purpose as much as their individual selves.

Our approach is influenced by the work of psychologist Alfred Adler, best known for forming the school of thought of 'individual psychology'.

Educational psychologists work closely with teaching staff to establish strong communication channels between parents, students, and teachers. 


What do children learn?

The holistic education at Copperfield begins with academic rigour and instils a relentless love for learning.
Our teachers are united in the belief that intellectual curiosity is the starting point for any child's development. 

We offer iGCSEs, A-Levels, and are currently applying for authorization for the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Programme and Diploma Programme.


Away from the classroom 

A Copperfield education only begins in the classroom - the students have extensive opportunities to take it far beyond that.
Our teachers possess a range of talents. We have a professional cellist, a trained Forest School practitioner, an ex-England footballer, a Cambridge debating champion, and others who have excelled in their field.

In the winter, students spend at least two afternoons per week skiing. In the summer term, we turn to football, tennis, golf, even horse riding.


Copperfield and the community

Our economic impact

By educating our students, we are reducing the cost to the Valais taxpayer, freeing up economic resources for communities to focus where they are most needed.

We have 24 full-time employees.

Of this workforce, we have created work for 14 Swiss citizens or C permit holders.

We offer a scholarship programme that allows local residents to benefit from a reduction in tuition fees of up to 90%, subject to means testing. This programme is designed to benefit low-income families. Our first two students are starting the programme in August 2022.


Our educational impact

We have assembled a team of 23 teachers in Verbier who between them hold 34 university degrees, including 13 masters university degrees, including 13 masters and doctorates. 5 staff have a Master's degree in education, 6 people have a Bachelor's degree in education, 2 have QTS status and 3 have CDIP recognition.

Our staff are able to teach eleven languages, which are: French, German, Italian, English, Spanish, Greek, Catalan, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Czech. 

Our Headteacher been appointed as Senior Advisor for International Engagement for Sevenoaks School, the largest IB school in the world. 

We offer iGCSEs, A-Levels, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We are applying for authorisation for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

Our musical impact

We have recruited three concert-level musicians, and our musical director is an international cellist (as well as a quadrilingual professional translator).

We have hired a concert pianist – Tatiana Alamartine – to teach our students languages through music.

We have allocated significant resources to the development of our musical infrastructure, including the acquisition of a concert grand piano.
In 2021/22, we hosted 6 world-class musicians at our campus and offered free concerts to all in the Val de Bagnes. Visit our music page here to find out more. 



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