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A statement from our founder

The Big picture

We are building world class academic institutions: amongst international communities in unique and inspiring settings.


We bring together promising students and extraordinary teachers, forming a dynamic and diverse team that provides an exceptional education. By rooting our students in their community and teaching them to act with purpose, we craft visionary team players who thrive in unprecedented times.


Our mission is to teach young people to live with compassion and courage, developing the moral compass, strength of character and technical skill that they will need, whatever they wish to do. We will achieve this by adhering to five fundamental principles:


  1. Engaging in dialogue

  2. Sharing leadership

  3. Sharing accountability

  4. Creating favourable learning conditions

  5. Focusing on learning


educare: to train

Education develops young people's characters, helping them grow in confidence and skill so that they are ready for whatever the future holds in store. 

We train you to think and act strategically and independently. We do this by devising for you a programme that deploys the techniques and professional advisors most suitable for your needs and goals.


educere: to draw out

Inspirational teachers show an unshakeable faith in you, that everything you need is already inside you. It just needs to be drawn out.

We encourage you to take responsibility for directing your own studies. The freedom you are given is an expression of our faith in your leadership potential.


Academic excellence: best in class teaching.

Optimised learning: age-group specific limits on students per lesson.

Perfect fit: plan tailored to the individual.

Holistic philosophy: grades are important, but as a means to a larger goal.


Community basis: school is the bridge between family and citizenship.

Active living: a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.


​We give our students a great measure of influence over what, where, when and how to learn. They also experience the power of a research-driven approach, where physical and psychological wellness are integral to the academic programme.


We offer these options so that each student takes ownership of their future: each individual is making it happen, and we are supporting their achievements. This partnership of equals is what makes Copperfield College unique.​

Our students graduate from Copperfield College with a skillset unparalleled in their age group:

Writing and speaking with clarity, concision and expressivity;

Persuading, negotiating and collaborating with poise, humility and warmth;

Understanding and embodying the link between mental and physical health;

Having clear goals that are informed by lifelong principles consciously chosen.

To educate and care for children is the greatest privilege. I hope that you will see in Copperfield a safe and inspiring place for them to learn and to live. 
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