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Ian McGarry

PYP Teacher

Ian joins Copperfield with 22 years teaching experience in both primary and secondary education, with a BA (Ed) from the University of Reading with Physical Education and has a passion for teaching Maths and Science. He has taught in the UK, US, Spain and UAE, the majority of his career at two private international schools in Dubai, both rated as 'outstanding'.


Having led outward-bound trips including to Nepal and ski trips to both Austria and Switzerland, Ian fell in love with the Alps and particularly Verbier. Ian also participated in several summer camps in the US and taught numerous activities including sailing, football and swimming. He is a keen musician and plays the keyboard and guitar, he has written many songs, some educational,  that he's incorporated into learning Maths facts. He also loves to snowboard, scuba dive and travel.


Ian is firmly invested in the notion of "having the courage to be imperfect." He said, "I know I learn best through my mistakes, rather than getting it right first time. I want all learners to feel safe and secure to try, experiment and take risks. I love it when students think 'outside the box' and teach me new skills, ideas and concepts."


Ian speaks English and is looking to further develop his basic French.

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