Joanna Greer Premand

Humanities Specialist

I am an experienced educator, having taught History in Washington, D.C. for over a decade. Though originally from southwest Virginia in the United States, I earned my post-graduate degree from Oxford. I look forward to joining the Copperfield team!

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Joanna's story

Joanna teaches History and English at Copperfield, helping students better appreciate the Humanities, through studying compelling literature and the landmark moments of our past. 

Joanna comes from a family of educators, and received her B.A. at the College of William and Mary before earning a postgraduate degree in Medieval Studies from Oxford. She has taught History for over 13 years and held several administrative posts at a leading private high school in Washington, D.C.

Joanna was born and raised in southwest Virginia, but knows Switzerland well as her husband is Valaisan. She lives in Vollèges with her family and is enjoying the Alpine views--a big change from the crowded streets of the American capital!