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Juliana Meier

Primary Years Programme Practitioner

I studied in Santa Catarina, Brazil and then the University of Geneva, and had worked in schools for over 15 years before I arrived at Copperfield. 

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For anything related to early primary teaching, get in touch with Juliana at juliana@copperfield.education

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Juliana's story

Juliana is a Primary Years Programme teacher at Copperfield, currently educating our very youngest learners. She brings a lightness and creativity to sessions with her students, incorporating play and inquiry as students make their first meaningful discoveries about the world.

Juliana arrived in Martigny from Geneva in 2021, and is building her life there with her partner. She speaks French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Prior to Copperfield, Juliana trained in Santa Catarina and Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil, before studying for a Diploma in Primary Education in Geneva. She worked in several primary schools in Switzerland before arriving at Copperfield in May 2021.