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Lars Dalgaard

Non-Executive Director

Lars's arrival at Copperfield is yet another adventure in a life full of brilliant stories. Having been brought up in Denmark but spent a few years in Birmingham, where his Danish accent fused amusingly with the Brummie tone, Lars ended up studying at Copenhagen Business School. This is where he began to successfully experiment with his entrepreneurial ideas, including designing an education course for fellow undergraduates, to the chagrin but ultimate acceptance from the Dean, who realised that Lars was improving the quality of the school. "If you fix the school, there won’t be any demand for my product", he told the Dean!

Lars' career has been expansive and unforgettable. He founded SuccessFactors and sold it to SAP in 2013, before joining Andreesen Horowitz at the same time as sitting on numerous boards, including Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he frequently teaches. Lars has explained that "I just believe that there really is goodness in every human being, and there’s magic, to the point that I’m sometimes naïve about it. But the value of rewarding people and trusting people has come back to me in my life in a karmic way that’s gigantic."

We are lucky to have his ambition, kindness and positive spirit on our team.

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