What makes us different? Our starting point is your child, discovering their unique interests, developing their skills and gently nurturing and supporting these. Learning support is both for areas of learning that students find challenging, but also to identify areas where students are especially gifted and put our resources behind them chasing these goals.

Learning support is for all students, just as Copperfield is a school where students are taught to value creativity, service, community and contribution just as much as personal academic achievement.

We will
support to the hilt the ambitions of our students, wherever they want to go.

We assess every new student arriving at Copperfield on academic, sporting and creative activities, as well as their well-being. We gather as much information as possible through conversations with families and one-on-one sessions for students with our learning support team.

Once settled in at school, our academic and learning support teams will collaborate on an individual educational plan, based on the goals, interests and skills of the student. 

Our Head of Learning Support will oversee the implementation of this plan, leading regular sessions with each student and communicating with other staff to ensure that learning support becomes a faculty-wide effort.

We asked one of our students, 'why do we read books?'. The response blew us away.

Learning support is for all students.


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