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London campus

A tailored approach to further and higher learning in London's tranquil heart

Situated in the intellectually rich and historically significant enclave of St James', Copperfield London encourages inquiring students who are navigating today's turbulent academic environment.

Copperfield London was founded to provide Sixth-Form students with academic mentoring support. We have teachers and a leadership team with a proven history of propelling students to the highest heights of the academic landscape.

If you are interested in tailored assistance in your Sixth-Form, undergraduate, or graduate studies from experts in their subject, then Copperfield London is for you.

small groups, individualised teaching, compassionate thinking 

The teaching at Copperfield London is limited to groups of three, providing a focused yet calm atmosphere for students to pursue their academic goals. 

We support students with Sixth-Form qualifications as they apply to universities and colleges. We also have the resources to assist students who are tackling undergraduate and graduate degrees.


At Copperfield, the conscientious focus on the individual is always in service of a larger, humanitarian objective. Our teaching is values-driven and we always encourage students to view community as central to their purpose.

Personal opportunities to help create a more peaceful world

Our students have membership of various world-class institutions in the local vicinity, to aid them as they study to solve critical human problems. 


These institutions include the London Library for reading and working, the Royal Overseas League for socialising, events and networking, and Third Space Soho for exercise.

Copperfield London was founded in the belief that inquiring minds and compassionate hearts are the essential foundation for working towards cross-cultural understanding and a more peaceful, stable world.

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