Natalie Osborne

Head of Learning Support

I grew up in Ukraine, obtained my Master's in Special Needs Education in the UK, and worked in Swiss schools, including as a pastoral tutor, before joining Copperfield.

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For anything related to learning support, Maths, English or piano, contact Natalie at natalie@copperdield.

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Natalie's story

Natalie oversees learning support at Copperfield, ensuring that every student has an academic plan tailored to their requirements and ambitions. She has honed her approach over years of learning support coordination at both English and Swiss schools, including Aiglon College. Natalie firmly believes that each student is worthy of support and the belief of the entire faculty at school. She also teaches Maths, English and piano to our primary and secondary students.

Natalie lives between Montreux and Verbier, and can often be found on Lake Geneva, or hiking in the hills above Territet. Natalie speaks Ukrainian, English, French and Russian.

Prior to Copperfield, Natalie studied for a PGCE Master's Diploma in Special Needs Education at Middlesex University, before moving to Switzerland to work in some of the best Swiss boarding schools, including Aiglon College, where she spent 8 years as a pastoral tutor as well as Head of Learning Support. She teaches piano up until Trinity Diploma level.