Noémie Ajenjo

Modern Languages Specialist

I grew up in Alsace, France, where I studied and was selected to do a double master in Education in both France and London. I have been teaching for 10 years in various places such as the UK, Vietnam, Nepal and Munich. 

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Noémie's story

Noémie is looking forward to joining our language department team and sharing her experience as a former Head of Department  as well as an IB teacher in both French and Spanish. She strongly believes in the principle of holistic education and is very excited to join Copperfield to put this into practice in all the projects which are already developed. 


Prior to Copperfield, Noémie has worked in three other international schools abroad and has implemented curriculums in but also outside the department she was a specialist for. This enabled her to have an overview of teaching and learning in a school but also to develop cross curricular projects which were more meaningful that just learning for exams.


During her free time, she enjoys going to the mountains to climb or walk but is also very happy to do some cooking and yoga when it is too rainy or cold outside. She cherished travelling and learning about new cultures but is equally excited to live a bit tucked away from big cities and discover the beauty of the Valais.


Noémie said : "I love teaching because every day is a new learning experience for both teachers and students. There is not one day since I started teaching in which I was not surprised by a new fact or I did not reflect on something I thought I knew."