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Oleksii Khlobystin

Head of Mathematics

Alex is our Head of Mathematics at Copperfield. He also teaches Physics to secondary school students and provides Dance classes. Alex has always been passionate about Mathematics. Since his first win in the local Maths Olympiad, Alex has realized that Maths is something he will never stop exploring. In 2004 he was awarded 3rd place in the All-Ukrainian Academic Olympics in the subject of Mathematics. 


Alex has a Bachelor of Science, a PGDE in Engineering, TEFL/TESOL Certificates, a CSML from Harvard Graduate School of Education, a PGDE in Mathematics and Physics, a Bachelor of Dance Education, and a Master of Art in Mathematics Education.


He has been an avid practitioner of Sports Gymnastics and Street workouts since 2006. Alex’s wife-Kristina is also a teacher and dancer. 


Alex believes that good teachers are enthusiastic and capable of conveying their enthusiasm to students who must always be at the center of everything teachers do.


Alex speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English.

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