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Shoshana Kenai Doherty

Drama Teacher and Residential Guardian

Passionate about educating the whole child, Shoshana has spent the last six years working closely with students to help them identify and develop their talents. Whether as a one-to-one EAL teacher, supporting students in a classroom context or working with them in plays and concerts, she sees education as a catalyst for development. 


Experienced in working in international school environments,  including Le Regent International School and Aiglon College, where she was both a teacher and a House Tutor, Shoshana looks forward to being a residential guardian for Copperfield boarders as well as teaching the new drama curriculum. 

Shoshana's lifelong connection to drama began when she joined her first theatre company at the age of three. Her involvement with the Royal Shakespeare Company as a workshop assistant and her assistance at Dulwich College International Shanghai, Singapore and Beijing performing arts events have further strengthened her understanding of the impact drama plays in developing skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creativity. Shoshana looks forward to students finding their passions and their voice, whether on or off stage, as well as grow in confidence and self expression. With experience setting up workshops and working with theatre companies Shoshana looks to taking students on theatre trips as well as establishing some school productions.

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