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The family dream

Welcome to Copperfield International School, the only ski-in, ski-out IB school in the world!

Our admissions team are looking forward to getting to know you and your family. We strive to make our admissions process transparent, thorough and trouble-free. Our mission is to find students who demonstrate great character, potential, and a natural curiosity.

We use OpenApply to ensure that our process is smooth and efficient. You will have the opportunity to speak with members of our faculty, our leadership team, our headteacher, as well as students and parents.

Meet our Head of Admissions,
Hannah Leggett

Welcome to Copperfield! We are so delighted that you are considering our school for your family. If you would like to discuss what we offer, take a virtual tour, or even visit our beautiful campus in person. 


or call +41 27 520 6100.


Applying to Copperfield

Annual Admission

Admissions at Copperfield is a year-round process. We accept applications from students anywhere in the world and integrate them into our community and curriculum. Our preference is for an annual application – like this the student and family experiences Verbier and Copperfield to the fullest extent. We are currently accepting applications for the 2024/25 academic year, and strongly encourage you to commence your application by 21st April 2024. 

Winter Admission

Copperfield is unique in that families can join us for a winter season from their regular school. It is common for families to take a short break from a school in New York, or London, or Hong Kong, before returning once the snow is gone! We properly integrate winter students into our annual cohort, involving handovers with previous schools, pre-assessment to assist with class allocations, and early reach outs to make sure your child knows names and faces on day one!

Campus Visit

We encourage all families, where possible, to visit us in person. Like this, your family will get a clear sense of 'fit' with both Verbier and the school. We are delighted to offer tours of one hour, including meetings with your children's potential teachers, our Heads of Department, and the Headteacher. It''s very important that your decision is the most informed one, and so we also offer classroom experiences to your children, so that they meet future classmates and test out their future playground!

The process

The admissions process at Copperfield is personal and friendly. We are happy to schedule multiple calls, host multiple visits, and give you the time and information you need to make this important decision. The first step is to fill out our registration form using the button below, after which our Head of Admissions will reach out. Then, a virtual tour or a campus visit, before a final decision is made on both sides. We aim to complete the admissions process in a matter of weeks, not months, allowing you and your family to focus on getting ready for life in Verbier and at a new school!

Admissions Contacts

Our admissions team is here and ready to assist you on every step of your application.

Call us on: +41 27 520 6100

Or enquire here 

Residential Admissions

Verbier is fun, beautiful and safe. We are delighted to offer residential schooling to students, where evenings are spent preparing meals together, studying with the residential team, enjoying Verbier's brilliant sporting and social amenities, and weekends are spent exploring the mountains. 

Your child can live in Verbier all year and benefit from an unparalleled life in the serenity of the majestic Swiss alps. We are always happy to speak to families interested in residential life at Copperfield. Please use the button below to make an inquiry.


Quali lingue sono offerte?

Attualmente insegniamo in inglese e offriamo francese e tedesco come parte del nostro curriculum di base. Spagnolo, svedese, mandarino e italiano sono facoltativi. 

Insegniamo principalmente in inglese ma prevediamo di essere bilingue nel prossimo anno.


Che curriculum segui?

Al completamento della nostra autorizzazione all'insegnamento dell'International Baccalaureate, offriremo il Primary Years Program dell'IB per le età 3-12 e il Diploma Program per le età 16-18.

Gli studenti di età compresa tra 13 e 15 anni studieranno per iGCSE, mentre c'è anche la possibilità per i ragazzi di 16-18 anni di prendere gli A-Level.

Com'è la comunità di Verbier?

È impossibile definire Verbier come una cosa. C'è una comunità di sciatori estremi, di frequentatori occasionali delle piste blu, di motociclisti, di amanti del cibo, di collezionisti d'arte, di persone provenienti da tutto il mondo. 

La nostra comunità scolastica comprende almeno 18 nazionalità e Verbier molte di più. Ci sarà una casa per te qui, ovunque tu sia. 

Se tu e la tua famiglia amate stare all'aria aperta, socializzare e imparare, allora amerete vivere in montagna.

Quando scade la scadenza per la domanda? 

Copperfield accetta nuovi studenti su base continuativa, tutto l'anno. Che tu sia una famiglia che cerca di costruirsi una vita in montagna, o che tu abbia bisogno di più tempo per capire se fa per te, siamo qui per aiutarti. 

Quante volte scii?

I nostri studenti sciano più di qualsiasi altra scuola locale, con almeno nove ore settimanali durante l'inverno, e un'offerta extra per i bambini particolarmente appassionati.

I nostri studenti sono allenati dal principale istruttore di Verbier, Mike Coppens, e dal suo team dell'Ecole Suisse de Ski Verbier.


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