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Why Copperfield?

Copperfield is a community – a community of ideas, respect and optimism. We are an international school founded in 2021 to fulfil a vision of building a world class school in the Swiss Alps: an international community in a unique and inspiring setting. 


Our mission is to teach young people to live with both compassion and courage, developing the moral compass, strength of character and technical skill that they will need, whatever they wish to do.


We start each day, each lesson and each interaction by asking ‘what is best for the student?’, and our decisions flow from that principle. 

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We strive to make our admissions process transparent, thorough and trouble-free. Our mission is to find students who demonstrate great character, potential, and a natural curiosity. Our aim throughout the process is to give families the clearest possible sense of what life at our school looks, sounds and feels like, from multiple perspectives.

We use OpenApply to ensure that our process is smooth and efficient. You will have the opportunity to speak with members of our faculty, our leadership team, our headteacher, as well as students and parents. 

Regular Process

We have designed our admissions process to be as stress-free as possible. Our aim is to find out your family's needs and aspirations, and to meet them.

Below is a step-by-step outline of our regular admissions process:


Your first contact will be with Hannah Leggett, our Head of Admissions. This is a chance for us to get to know your family's goals and for you to discover more about our vision for education. 

We will then ask you to fill out our enrolment form.


We believe that a transparent, immersive admissions experience will build mutual trust and help your family to make a fully-informed decision.

We encourage both in-person and virtual visits - whichever suits your family best. You will then have the opportunity to meet our faculty, students, and parents. 

The Head of our Parent Teacher Association, Jonas Palm, is available to answer questions at +41 79 221 72 78.


Once you have spoken with our team and visited our campus, we send two questionnaires to complete. These are designed to allow you and your children to express your ideas and what you will contribute to the Copperfield community. 

We ask for references from previous schools and school transcripts. For more detail on this, click the button 'Why Copperfield?' below.

The Admissions team will then send an invoice for a deposit to confirm your child's place in class. Congratulations – your family are now members of the Copperfield community!



Our team has over 100 years of experience living in Verbier, and is on hand to assist with accommodation, local amenities and visa applications. 

We also conduct a thorough handover with your previous school, well in advance of your arrival at Copperfield. This helps us to align curriculum gaps, plan for personalised learning requirements, and prepare teachers to know your child's name on day one.


Global Scholars Program

We are a community of international families, teachers and students committed to excellence and inclusion. Our Global Scholars Program, launched in March 2022, is designed to attract the most talented, creative and courageous students from around the world. 

Below is a step-by-step outline of the Global Scholars Admissions Process. 

Contact Made

The Global Scholars candidate contacts the school, and a preliminary video-call interview is organised. If the candidate is able to visit the school in-person, we encourage this.

Preliminary interview 

The preliminary interview is used to assess the basic attitudes and competencies of the candidate. The interview is written up and the write-up is shared with the GS assessment team. If the interview is deemed to have gone sufficiently well, then the ‘Written Application’ documents will be sent to the candidate.


Second Interview

Upon receipt of answers to the written application questions, a second interview will be organised, conducted by two members of the team. 


Meeting of the selection committee 

Team members responsible for the Global Scholars Selection process will collate all evidence gathered from the duration of the application process and gather together to discuss the final decision according to criteria outlined in the selection criteria document and general response rubric. 


Final Interview and Evaluation 


The final interview will take place over video call or in person, and a final evaluation will then be made by the school's senior leadership, including the Headteacher.


Decision Made: 

We will communicate this via email within three weeks of the final interview. We will provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.


A Copperfield child

Our students are curious, compassionate, and kind. We do not award places based on standardised tests, but on mutual fit that becomes clear during the admissions process. Above all, we are building a community of caring people, and our admissions philosophy is a core part of this mission.


Any questions?

Arrange a call with one of our leaders to discover how you can build a life for your family in the mountains.

Our fees

Transparency is important to us. 

Fees for 2022/23 are below:

Foundation (Y0)

Primary (Years 1-6)

Lower Secondary (Years 7-8)

Middle Secondary (Years 9-11) 

Upper Secondary (Years 12 & 13)


31,500 CHF

33,000 CHF

40,500 CHF

41,500 CHF

46,500 CHF

Fee as above + 60,000 CHF

Fees are inclusive of daily lunch and snack, books and materials, two skiing lessons per week, other sports instruction.


For second children, there is a discount of 15% for each additional child.

The school offers a variety of individual support programmes to support the students on their individual educational path, such as tuition in specific subjects (most often languages), learning support, executive coaching and college counselling. The fees for the individual support programmes will be agreed with parents prior to any programme being put in place. 

Start your Global Scholars application

Community spirit is at the heart of the Copperfield vision. We are thrilled to announce our Assisted Places Program, making the benefits of an inspiring international education available to talented students across the globe.


Dreaming big

We are experts in examination and assessment - our faculty has an outstanding record of academic achievement.

Offering iGCSEs, A-Levels, and soon the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, we have built the academic infrastructure to ensure our students can study and live anywhere in the world.

With a faculty that includes an ex-England footballer, a professional musician, and numerous ski instructors, our students have non-academic role models to coach them to future success in any field. We practice what we teach.



What languages are offered?

We currently teach in English, and offer French and German as part of our core curriculum. Spanish, Swedish, Mandarin and Italian are optional. 

We teach primarily in English but plan to be bilingual in the coming year.


What curriculum do you follow?

On completion of our authorization to teach the International Baccalaureate, we will offer the IB's Primary Years Programme for ages 3-12, and the Diploma Programme for ages 16-18.

Students aged 13-15 will study for iGCSEs, while there is also the option for 16-18 year-olds to take A-Levels.

Do you offer scholarships?

We see community not as an obligation but an essential part of our character and spirit.

Read about our Global Scholars Program below.


How often do you ski?

Our students ski more than any other local school, with at least nine hours per week during the winter, and extra provision for particularly passionate children.

Our programme is run by Fitzroy Madsen, a highly experienced ski coach from the Ecole Suisse de Ski. Fitzroy has skiied for the Argentian national team and is building our programme with the goal of sending students to the Youth Olympics.

When is the application deadline? 

Copperfield accepts new students on a rolling basis, year-round. Whether you are a family looking to build a life in the mountains, or you need more time to work out whether it is for you, we are here to help. 

What is the Verbier community like?

It is impossible to define Verbier as one thing. There is a community of extreme skiers, of casual blue-run goers, of bikers, of food-lovers, of art-collectors, of people from all over the world. 

Our school community encompasses at least 18 nationalities, and Verbier many more. There will be a home for you here, wherever you are from. 

If you and your family love to be outside, to be social, and to learn, then you will love living on the mountain.