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If you could build a school for the students,
what would that school look like?


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It begins a stone's throw from the Thames

Copperfield was founded in London in March 2020 by Dr Hugh McCormick with the aim to create a school dedicated to helping students affected by the pandemic.

Off to the Alps

In October 2020, Hugh moved to Switzerland to open Copperfield International with British investor John Porter. Opening on 10 January 2021, Copperfield's 12-strong team opened its doors to 22 curious students and their families. 18 months later Copperfield had 28 teaching staff with 211 years of teaching experience and 55 university degrees. Within two years, Copperfield had received licenses to instruct and examine the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and Cambridge iGCSEs followed by A level accreditation.

In order to realise Copperfield’s vision of a world class education in an epic mountain setting, in March 2023, Copperfield partnered with Dukes Education Group. Aatif’s passion for the transformational power of education, and his commitment to educational quality and student well-being was clear. Aatif has created a family of schools with a mission sympathetic to that of Copperfield’s: a common purpose to give children the foundations for an extraordinary life, through education.

An exciting, innovative organisation, students at Copperfield will benefit enormously from international exchange and summer camp opportunities, as well as sports competitions. Dukes has superb career counseling, internship and college counseling experience and platforms for children wishing to go to universities in the US, Europe or the UK. Teachers will gain access to the world-class leadership and professional development offerings of Dukes. Parents with children at Copperfield stand to benefit from a huge network of like minded families and learning opportunities within the Dukes community.

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