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If you could build a school for the students, what would that school look like?
Our story.

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It begins a stone's throw from the Thames

In March 2020, Dr Hugh McCormick founded a college in London dedicated to helping students affected by the pandemic.

Copperfield London supported many young people as they battled with the most unpredictable educational conditions. 


Off to the Alps

In October 2020, Hugh moved to Switzerland to open a school in the Swiss Alps with British investor John Porter.

Like for so many who have now spent years in Verbier, one visit was persuasive enough: the challenge now was to recruit students, staff and find a campus.

By January 10 2021, Copperfield's 12-strong team was ready to open its doors to 30 curious students and their families. 
18 months later, we have 28 teaching staff with 211  years of teaching experience, 55 university degrees, and are expecting over 60 students in January 2023.

Beautiful moments since Copperfield opened on January 11, 2021.

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