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Tuition fees

Tuition for 2022/23

Copperfield annual tuition is inclusive of:

  • Books and materials

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Athletic uniforms

  • Field trips (with some exceptions)

  • Transport to/from activities


There is a discount of 15% for each additional child.

The school offers a variety of individual support programmes to support the students on their individual educational path, such as tuition in specific subjects (most often languages), learning support, executive coaching and college counselling. The fees for the individual support programmes will be agreed with parents prior to any programme being put in place. 

Our fees

Transparency is important to us. Fees for 2022/23 are below. Ages are listed in line with the UK school year system, with the typical cut off date as August 31st.

Early Years (Y0): 31,500 CHF

Primary (Years 1-6): 33,000 CHF

Lower Secondary (Years 7-8): 40,500 CHF

Middle Secondary (Years 9-11): 41,500 CHF

Upper Secondary (Years 12 & 13): 46,500 CHF

Residential: Fee as above + 60,000 CHF

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