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Discover the thrill of limitless possibilities 

 Enrichment programme: Inside Edge

The early years of life involve exploration, embracing challenges, and acquiring fresh abilities.

We promote our students’ natural curiosity through our enrichment programme which introduces students to a wide range of different activities and skills.

At Copperfield, this is our foray into the world of co-curricular activities! Nestled in the heart of the mountains, where every snow-capped peak and winding trail beckons adventure, we present a unique opportunity for our students to explore, push boundaries, and discover the thrill of the limitless possibilities of their education.

Our Enrichment Program is not just about participation; it's a commitment to personal growth and accomplishment, however big or small. Inside Edge welcomes students to embrace multiple activities, allowing them to explore various interests and passions. New pursuits will require commitment, courage, and of course, balance, whether that be on the stage, the climbing wall or in the pilot seat of a fast flying drone.

In the brochure, we unveil our winter program, a symphony of innovation, vitality and the arts. As the seasons change, so will our offerings, promising an equally enticing summer term with new activities to captivate and challenge. Led by our team of dedicated teachers, each a specialist in their particular domain, Inside Edge fosters a sense of community where passions are shared, and knowledge is exchanged. It's not just about acquiring new skills; it's about learning from one another, expanding horizons, and growing together. 

Aeronautics and drones
Board Games 
Model United Nations
Politics and Debating 
Science Fair 

The Arts
Art Studio
Cinema Club
Modern Band
Sustainable Fashion Show
Theatre Company 
Student Theatre Production

Ski Tech/ Mountain Safety
Rock Climbing
Strength Training

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