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Congratulations Sofia & Nikita!

Copperfield has two outstanding students whose achievements in skiing are worth celebrating. Sofia, one of the school's top athletes, finished the ski season with an incredible accomplishment, as she clinched the 1st spot in Switzerland in the Junior Freeride World Tour. Her impressive performance throughout the season is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and sheer talent.

Meanwhile, Nikita, another talented student from Copperfield, has also made the school proud by finishing the ski season with an impressive national ranking of 6th place. His outstanding performance and determination have earned him this well-deserved recognition.

Sofia and Nikita's achievements in skiing are a source of inspiration for all students at Copperfield. Their dedication, passion, and perseverance demonstrate that with hard work and commitment, anything is possible. Congratulations to both of them on their remarkable accomplishments!

Photos by Lucia Harrison


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