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The Sea Cleaners visited Copperfield

This week we were lucky to welcome to our school Mr. Milan Despotovic, from the Sea Cleaners (Sea Cleaners have the cause to eliminate plastic pollution from the ocean).

He explained to our students and parents what the effects of Plastic waste are on many different levels.

Raising awareness about microplastics and how organizing clean-ups are important but usually neglects the major issue which is that microplastics are everywhere and hard to remove from our ecosystem.

We learned that they are even in our soils, impacting the way our plants grow, and we are now finding micro-plastics in our fruits and vegetables.

On behalf of Copperfield, we would like to compliment Sea Cleaners; for helping us develop events to expand our fundraising efforts into the Verbier community, and guiding us in the student-led events that will be organized throughout the school year.

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