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We have gained the authorisation from Pearson Edexcel

This past week, we were granted membership to the prestigious Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS), and we became a Pearson Edexcel examinations center!

Joining SGIS will mean our students and faculty have access to a world-class collection of co-curricular events and personal development opportunities. And through Pearson, we can offer an even broader range of IGCSEs and A-levels.

We are so grateful to have received these significant endorsements of our school, which add to our being an International Baccalaureate World School for PYP and DP, and a Cambridge University Press & Assessment examination center for IGCSEs and A-levels.

“Gaining authorization from Pearson Edexcel means that we are now able to offer the widest possible range of pre-university qualifications at Copperfield. This is yet another signifier of our ongoing progress. It also means that we have the approval of an exam board regulated by Ofqual - the U.K government department that rigorously maintains the standards of examinations. I'd like to congratulate our community for making this considerable achievement possible.”- Olli Riley

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